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Biart Company


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Руководитель проекта

Biart Company

Российское представительство американской компании по разработке видеоигр и CV проектов. Выпущенные проекты для Apple iOS, PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Sony Playstation Portable. Официальный технологический партнер компаний Intel, NVIDIA, ARM, Qualcomm.

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Biart is an independent cross-platform games developer. The Company has developed its own technology biEngine that supports simultaneous development for video game consoles, mobile devices and PCs without production of additional content and unique game code.

Biart successfully released games for PCs, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Sony Playstation Portable. Biart’s latest projects – Depth Hunter and Deep Black - have been released in 2012. Biart is Intel’s Premier Elite partner and NVIDIA’s technological partner. Biart has Microsoft and Sony development licenses and Sony publishing license for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles.

Biart's iOS and Android partner - Chillingo, a division of Electronic Arts Inc.


Biart's mission is development and producing of highly technological entertainment projects, that would give unique gaming experience to players.

One of Biart's goals is to release a public version of biEngine, as an optimal solution for third-party developers, who want to have high performance of 3D-projects on mobile devices, tablets and consoles.

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